Moore Golf 2017


    The Yardage Game

    Once you have constructed your swing, you will need to know how far you hit each club in your bag, as every hole is a measurement of yardage. eg. a hole measuring 400 yards is normally a par 4, if your drive goes 250 yards and your 7 iron goes 150 yards you should be on the green in two shots.

    The average person will hit a 7 iron 150 yards with 10 yards added on for a 6 iron and 20 yards added on for a 5 iron and the opposite 8 iron goes 10 yards less than a 7 iron, the 9 iron goes 20 yards less than a 7 iron, that means there is a 10 yard gap between clubs. armed with this information you can play the yardage game with a swing that now repeats each time, the club will go it's own given yardage with the same swing. So each time you play you will pick the right club for the right distance


    Once you have the yardage game you still might miss greens, so you need to know how to chip and putt.

    A 30 foot chip from just off the green is chipped with a 9 iron and with your putting style going 20 inches back and 20 inches through with no wrist action, this will travel the distance. This particular shot is a chip and run.

    Using the 7 iron with the same method will go roughly 50 feet going 20 inches back and 20 inches through, and if you had 20 feet it would be a pitching wedge. This is just a quick tip on how to improve your chipping.