Moore Golf 2017



    Please note we no longer take block bookings


    1. (a) We have a 48 hour cancellation policy 

    2. (a) If you have booked a lesson and cancel with less that 48 hours notice, the lesson will not be rescheduled unless a £10 rescheduling fee is paid.

    3. (a) If you have booked a lesson and do not give any cancellation notice the lesson will not be rescheduled unless a £15 rescheduling fee is paid

    4. (a) If we have to cancel your booking we will reschedule without charge

    5. (a) If you cancel your lesson because of weather conditions and the range is still open for business and I have turned up for the lesson, the lesson will only be rescheduled if a £5 rescheduling fee is paid

    6. (a) If we cancel the lesson due to circumstances beyond our control, we will reschedule the cancelled lesson free of charge


    1. (b) All bookings are to be made via email. Any bookings entered in our calendar that were offered and confirmed via email will always take precedence over bookings made by phone, text or on site at the range.

    2. (b) If you have insisted that you be booked in for a lesson while at the range or by text or phone call, you must still email as soon as possible to check that the date and time is available. We will not accept responsibility for double bookings or mistakes with bookings made by text, phone or on site at the range. The Groupon Voucher code and security code must be given via email when booking the first lesson.

    3. (b) Double Bookings: If there has been a double booking and the scheduled lesson has not yet started, both parties will be asked to show the email confirmation for that lesson. If only one of the parties can show their email confirmation at the time of the scheduled lesson, then the lesson will be given to the person with the email confirmation. If the person with no confirmation email at the time of the scheduled lesson can then produce a copy of a confirmation email by forwarding that copy via email within 24 hours, then we will reschedule that lesson and offer a free lesson by way of compensation

    4. (b) Acceptance & Confirmation of a Booking: When you email to accept a booking you must make sure you receive an email back from us confirming your booking. If you do not receive an email confirming your booking within 3 days then you must get in touch via email to check it has been confirmed. 


    1. (c) If you arrive late you will only receive tuition for the remainder of the time booked, any time missed due to being late will be lost.

    2. (c) My waiting time for late arrivals or no shows is ten minutes, if you have not made contact by phone to inform me of your late arrival then I will if there are no further bookings leave the premises and your booking will be considered a no show.


    1. (d) YOUR FIRST LESSON WITH MOORE GOLF: Every person hits balls at a different rate, there is no set amount per hour. If at the first lesson you are recommended to purchase one bucket of balls, it is not with the intention that one bucket will or should last for the duration of the lesson booked. It is the responsibility of the client to insure they purchase enough balls to last the full session. If you choose not to purchase any further balls to continue, the lesson will be deemed to be over. If the lesson ends before the first ½hr has finished you will only be able to reschedule the remaining ½hr and all further lessons will be offered as ½hr sessions unless otherwise agreed, we do not reschedule any minutes less than 30 minutes. If for any reason your one hour lesson is taken as a ½hr you must email us a written record so that we can amend the calendar to avoid you losing the remaining time

    2. (d) It is the responsibility of each client who has booked a lesson to ensure they have sufficient change to purchase enough balls to last the duration of the lesson or for the use of the short game area

    Bundles purchased at the range

    1. (e)  If you have agreed and paid in cash for a bundle onsite at the range, you are required to email a record of how much was paid, the amount of lessons included in the bundle and also include the duration of the lessons.

    2. (e) If you pay for lessons via PayPal please add a message or email us with the details of the bundle purchased


    1. (f) The expiry date for all lessons purchased directly from me is one year from the date of purchase


    1. (g) We accept no responsibility for any damage or loss of equipment or personal belonging during a lesson

    2. (g) All golf lessons are taken at your own risk, when you book a lesson you are deemed to be fit to perform all moves associated with golf


    Green fees, range balls and the cost of using the short game area are not included in any lessons or vouchers purchased


    1. (h) Unsupervised children not having a lesson should not be in the bay areas. If you need to bring young children with you they must have an appropriate adult (other than the adult having the lesson) with them at all times and will be required to stay in the reception area

    2. (h) Children under 16 who are having a lesson must be accompanied by an appropriate adult

    3. (h) Children under 8 having a lesson are required to have an appropriate adult with them in the bay areas. If the child is misbehaving or acting in a manner that is likely to cause danger or harm to themselves other range users or the professional, the appropriate adult will be expected to control the child, if the behaviour does not stop the lesson will end and no refunds or rescheduling will be given. We can not accept responsibility for any damage caused by an unruly child

    4. (h) If an appropriate adult does not accompany the child, the lesson may not take place

    5. (h) If the appropriate adult leaves the premises before the lesson ends without informing the professional, the child will be left in the reception area when the lesson has ended. There are no child minding facilities at either range. The parent or appropriate adult of any child left without supervision will be responsible for any damage caused to any equipment fixtures or fittings by any unsupervised child left in the reception area


    1. (i) All lessons purchased (including lessons purchased from Groupon) are to be used on a one to one tuition basis and not intended to be used as Group lessons. If you wish to purchase lessons to share with others please state that intention before purchase as the cost of the lessons will differ from single user lessons.

    2. (i) If you have purchased a bundle of lessons, each lesson duration will be for one hour at a time.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and especially for reading the terms and conditions as I think they are an important part of building a trusting relationship with each client. If you have any questions about any part of my website or the lessons please get in touch.


    Happy swinging

    Garry Moore