Moore Golf 2017


    So far I have only had one lesson with you in March 2012, which was in fact a birthday present from my sister; the best birthday present she has ever got me.

    I have to admit I turned up expecting to have my lesson and leave feeling a bit like Kevin Costner in Tin Cup – confused and with my shoelaces tied differently!

    Instead, after a few simple things to remember – all noticed by you within the first 10 minutes of the lesson; a slight change in my grip and a change in my shoulder position, I left believing that instead of slicing every drive horribly left to right I might get the odd one straight.

    In fact, I am currently driving the ball straight as an arrow. Guys I used to find my ball alongside (except I was always a bit further too the right) I am literally now out driving by as much as 40 to 50 yards with many drives now in and around the 270-280 yard mark and nearly all in the centre of the fairway. Never have I even got close to that before - the distance or the centre!

    My irons are flying long and straight and it feels so sweet!  

    In fact my only problems are that I am now reaching fairway bunkers and hazards that I previously never had to worry about!


    Anyway, as soon as I can I will be back for more lessons because if one lesson can change my game this much I need more.


    Thanks again for everything.


    Stephen Duff


    Golf is a difficult game at the best of times but being left handed makes it

    even more difficult.  If you are anything like me you have read books

    studied DVD’s and had lessons  without any great success. Finally you get so fed up

    you put the clubs away and decide to take a long break from the game

    that is exactly what I did.

    Recently I decided I would like to start playing again and I saw an offer on Groupon and

    that is when I met Gary Moore.  For simple easy to understand golf lessons I can highly

    recommend him.  The changes which he has made for me have seen a dramatic improvement

    in my game in a very short space of time.  In golfing terms get in touch with him it is a sound investment.

    A. Brown

    Would recomend lessons with Garry without doubt,   After just twenty minutes working on my swing Garry's advice payed off.   I was getting straighter more consistent results.   Since the lesson I've bin less frustrated on the course and sneaking a few pars 

    Matt McC

    Garry is a natural teacher, he quickly established key parts of my swing to work on. Garry explains things clearly and simply in a way that is easy to visualise and remember. Since working with Garry for a short period of time my handicap has dropped by 5 shots and my confidence on the course has dramatically improved.



    Jim Mulholland.

    Got a lesson for a Christmas present, very quickly discovered from Gary how to swing properly under control. Made a huge difference to line, distance and confidence, would have no problem going back for more lessons. Highly recommend to anyone who is frustrated with their game and feels they are getting nowhere fast.

    K McD  Belfast

    I would highly recommend Gary to any golfer of any standard as he is a gifted instructor and explains actions in a much clearer way than anyone who had tried to help my game before. I had always struggled to understand the rolling of the wrists through the ball and 20 minutes into my first lesson I had managed it and when I apply it my drives are 40 -50 yards longer and my slice has disappeared. I’m only human and on the golf course sometimes revert back to my old bad habits but I hope to eliminate this with more practice and more lessons and hope to see my handicap dropping. In my second lesson with Gary he had me drawing the ball which I had never been able to do before. I’m looking forward to my third lesson.

    So what are you waiting for, get some lessons booked with Gary you will not regret it.  


    Wesley Minnis

    I took up Golf two years ago and by the end of last year I decided I either need to go for a set of lessons or give up golf entirely. 


    So I booked a set of lessons with Garry who immediately changed my grip and followed that with some simple swings thoughts. Throughout the set of lessons Garry quickly improved my swing technique, moving me from my old severe slice (even with my shortest of irons) to having a consistent strike throughout my full set. I am now hitting my Irons straighter and further than I have ever done before.


    I had my last lesson with Garry two weeks before my Societies Captains Day at Portstewart. The last two years I came last on this course on captains day embarrassingly receiving the best endeavour prize, however this year I went out and played the best round of my life picking up the outright winners trophy with a score of 38 Points of my 28 Handicap. I have now been told I have been cut to 26 and I hope this continues to decrease. I believe this is all down to Garry's Lessons.


    Garry I can't thank you enough for the lessons which have given me confidence in my swing and I will definitely be booking further lessons with yourself to help improve the other areas of my game. Many Thanks.





    I would recommend anyone who is serious about improving their game to contact Garry for a lesson.

    My golf game has been inconsistent recently and I needed ‘something’ positive to work on.

    After the initial 10-15 minutes with Garry I had that ‘something’ I could work on.

    Garry explained things very clearly and I left the lesson with a very good feeling.



    Stewart Henderson              

    I had my first lesson with Garry last week. We worked on a few simple things such as an alteration of grip, the correct opening of the club face on take-away and the correct release of the club on the downswing. Armed with these 3 focus areas plus 2 subsequent sessions (on my own) at the range and in the space of 4 days I have seen an incredible improvement in my consistency with both irons and woods. I'm even able to hit my driver now, which is something very new to me.


    Garry's friendly manner and focus on the important remedy areas in my set-up and swing certainly worked with me - and incredibly quickly too.


    Take it from me, money spent on lessons with Garry is a sound investment. He will quickly identify faults, propose simple solutions, ensure you understand those solutions and establish them into your swing. The practice and repetition is then up to you.


    I was so convinced that I've booked 4 more lessons with him.



    Chris Buckley

    My son and I have 4 lessons, Gary is very relaxed and patient and doesn't try and tell you too much, did really help my game especially the short game one would recommend.

    Colin H

    I am a 70 year-old golf beginner (with sciatica), newly retired, overweight and in need of exercise. So, I have taken up golf and discovered that it is not as easy as the pros on TV make it look. Surprise, surprise!!

    I decided to get professional help and, on recommendation, had a practice range lesson with Gary two weeks ago and a 9-hole golf course lesson last week. He gave me a detailed analysis, practical help and practise with each stroke in a very relaxed and sympathetic style. I am now setting up and swinging better and – most importantly – understanding what I am doing wrong and the “bits” that need to be corrected.

    It was all VERY beneficial and I am really looking forward to another golf course lesson with him next week.


    John Wallace

    14 November 2013

    Having played golf twice a year for the last thirty years and developed numerous bad habits which included a consistent hook, I had my first ever lesson with Garry in November 2013. Within fifteen minutes I was hitting the ball straight. Simple instructions and an encouraging manner, Garry has given me hope for the future.

    T.N. Ballymoney

    Just had my first lesson with Garry.

    I went in as a complete novice, needing help with everything from my club grip upwards, within 15 minutes I was hitting straight shots every time! 

    Garry really knows what he's doing, he makes it seem so easy!

    Needless to say I've booked 5 more lessons! Would definitely recommend lessons with Garry, money well spent!